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Our mission is to enhance patient care by providing the results needed to practice with care and confidence

Trust But Verify

trust but verify

Accurate information means you can properly diagnose. Factual diagnosing means better individualized care.

Putting Patients First

Putting patients first

Responsible prescribing can save lives and UDT helps you make informed treatment decisions.


Strengthen Your Practice

strengthen your practice

Your job as a healthcare provider is getting harder, while liability is increasing. 80% of doctors admit to “defensive practicing.”


FDA Approved method

Results in 24 hours

Protect your patients. Protect your practice.

We are the CARE group, the Consulting And Research Experts. We are a consulting group that works between pharmacies, labs and doctors to help healthcare providers like yourself make the most informed decisions by providing and collecting data and research.


We’re helping healthcare providers follow the CDC's guidelines for opioid use to limit liability, we aid in helping offices not rely solely on the CURES PDMP registry, and informing that options within toxicology go past screening not only for illicit drugs, but that testing is a best practices trend being adopted nationwide.


thought the results from their UTD test were clinically meaningful in regards to individual patient care.

Medication Monitoring


Using LC-MS/MS technology ensures precise results distinguishing  individual drugs

UDT uses specific testing methods created particularly for the improvement of  treatment-based decisions utilizing factual information.

• Comprehensive test list allowing you to choose more than 95 drugs and metabolites for prescription medications and illicit substances

• Confidently prescribe and monitor the decisions made about medication therapy. Especially when issuing controlled substances

• Economical personalized test selection that enhances medical decisions based on necessity

• Identify recent use of prescription medications, non-prescribed medications and illicit substances

• Discover any possible harmful drug-to-drug interactions

• Counsel patients about personalized treatment plans

• Determine potential medication or illicit drug abuse, misuse, or deviation

• Minimal sample volume requirement (1-2 mL)

• Cutoff levels that are clinically authenticated

• Unrivaled support and service

We offer a better way to care for your patients

Easy practice implementation

 24 Hour turn around on most tests

 Monitor and accurately assess patients’ progress

 Better calibrate treatment plans

Control the spread of possible outbreaks through innovative screening methods

Comprehensive reports to aid in accurately prescribe medication




We specialize in developing responsive medical marketing solutions designed specifically to meet the unique demands and goals of businesses in the healthcare industry.


We employ careful planning and impeccable attention to detail in everything we do.

You may always count on high-quality, high-impact, effective solutions from The Care Group™.

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