The Care Group prides itself on enhancing patient care through various methods. Not only are we leading the way with toxicology but we also offer the highest quality DME products and pain treatment alternatives to pills. Our services are ever expanding for the one purpose–enhancing patient care.


The Care Group offers a program designed to get patients the durable medical equipment they need. We specialize in chronic pain equipment designed to eliminate pain in all areas of the body.


We offer exceptional products that focus on arthritis and pain relief, injury prevention, and sports injury rehabilitation. You can also turn to our Injury Info Center where you’ll learn all about common injuries. Check out our products section to see what braces, supports, and therapy products our team of Brace Experts recommend for you.


The Care Group carries only the very best in braces and supports for sports or regular injuries. We offer a full spectrum of braces to help you take the pain away. Everything from Knee, Ankle, Back Braces and much more. Creating standards of excellence is our policy for all of our braces. Very few companies do this and none have been doing it as long as we have.


Our team of consultants is here to support patients facing any joint or muscle pain.

We offer a seamless support from our offices and we are committed to the well-being of every patient. This forms the basis of our ability to identify, research analyze and present a better practice.


Equipment requires a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider.



Not all pain relievers are taken by mouth. When your joints are painful or your muscles ache, topical pain killers -- those you apply to your skin -- may offer relief. Here at The Care Group, it is yet another service we provide.


According to the American Pain Society nearly 50 million Americans are currently suffering from chronic pain daily and are subjected to a lifestyle filled with over the counter and prescription narcotics to ease their suffering. Chronic pain can cause a diminished quality of life, lead to hospitalization, and increase instances of depression in adults. But relief can come from a prescription topical pain relief compound covered by your insurance. Studies have shown that adding a prescription topical pain cream to your treatment regimen can sooth painful muscles and joints while providing relief for your chronic pain. Effects are immediate and the cream is easily applied like lotion to the skin.


There are several types of chronic pain, but the most prominent recurring pain for adults include Diabetic Neuropathy, migraines and headaches, Sciatica, sports and fitness injuries, muscle spasms due to previous operations, knee and leg pain, inflammation and swelling of joints, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Bursitis, scarring of tissue, and peripheral pains associated with nerve damage. The use of topical pain relief compounds as a treatment option for patients has made it possible to increase daily enjoyment of life, offering peace of mind and restored vitality.


The Care Group offers some of the best topical pain treatments out there.


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